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Underground Eco Houses

Designing underground eco houses means more than digging bunkers into hills. Depending on the site you have chosen, there will be many factors that affect your design decisions, including the type of soil, average yearly precipitation, the stability of the slope and the ability of the site to bear weight. These will all affect the type of house you decide to build.


The materials used in the construction of underground houses should be strong and waterproof, since there will be a great deal of pressure brought to bear on them when they are in place. You may need to have a special drainage technique used, especially in the area where you place your roof.

Underground Eco House
Underground Eco House

People have been building homes underground for many years, and earth sheltered homes that are also ecologically friendly may be partially or fully underground. These houses are very popular with people who want homes that don't impact the earth as much as traditional homes, and with houses that make use of Green technologies.

Many people in America as well as Europe live in homes underground. They are especially popular in Russia. In countries where there are more people than buildings can comfortably hold above-ground, like China and Japan, they are especially driven to build underground houses.

Most people who are not educated in the ways of building subterranean houses think that they are dark and damp all the time, but they can actually be as pleasant as traditional homes.

There are many logistical and Eco-friendly reasons for underground houses. You can build them in an area that is too steep for conventional homes, and in smaller areas, since you are going into the earth. You can also use some of the excavated materials to help build the house itself. You don't use as many building materials, and your maintenance costs will be lower. These homes are also resistant to earthquakes, fire and wind, which gives you a safer environment in weather extremes.

Underground Eco Houses

Underground eco houses, as the name implies, are also very energy-efficient. The temperature in the subsurface of the earth is relatively stable, so these homes are warmer during winter weather and cooler in the summer. This can save you about 80-percent on your energy bills. You can also use solar energy for your home, which may bring your energy bills to zero, since this will provide heat and hot water for you. Underground houses are also quiet, since the earth insulates against noise.

Building homes below earth level is not looked to very often as a way to design homes. They can be comfortable, stylish, secure, and even bright places to live. They also provide an excellent Eco-home, since they are so energy-efficient. They live in quiet harmony with their natural surroundings, and they take up less of our dwindling green space. Underground Eco-houses have very little impact on the ecology of the area where they are built, and they blend in well with the landscape. This makes them pleasing to the eye, and also ensures that more habitat space is left for wildlife.

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