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Environment change is our latest concern and people have become conscious about its adverse effects. So, an eco-friendly approach combined with creativity and courage can result in beautiful recycled houses that one would love to own.


You just need to think a bit and with an eco-friendly plan in mind you can turn the waste materials like old tires, bottles, newspapers sea boats, submarines, old shipping containers and much more into use.


Recycled Silo House

All you need is inspiration and innovativeness. A lot of architects have been involved in making such houses and believe it or not, they are a huge success. French architects, Claire Helene Drouin and Jean Marie Sanchez, are amongst those creative people and have converted containers carried by cranes on the cliff into a luxurious house. Nobody could make out that the house is made up of 15 recycled containers and the best part about the house is that they are movable. This house situated in Marseille, France is a perfect model of recycled homes.

Similarly, British artist Heather and Ivan Morison has created a wooden caravan. The caravan comes out of a fire engine, named Green Goddess, was used by the British army long time back but has been converted into a beautiful home by the two commendable people. The caravan can be seen moving around Flokestone and the interior is amazing with all facilities inside, a small kitchen and other most required amenities. It has a beautiful library where one can read books sitting on a couch with a cup of coffee.

Dan Phillips, a 64-year-old man is a proud owner of many such houses made up of waste material. He has been building low-cost recycled houses with recouped materials. The materials he uses are 80-percent sourced from other construction projects that have been left in a trash. He sometimes picks up the material from the road lying abandoned.

Amazingly, he used wine corks for flooring and it turned out a beautiful concept. Thousands of wine drinkers would not have been aware that their wine corks were actually reused. He even used the base of the wine bottles and placed them on the doors. He has used the osage orange wood as a railing in the house.

House Made of Recycled Metal, Concrete and Wood

Looking at his creditable efforts, the officials worked together with him and now they have a warehouse where builders and other city people can demolish their waste and that can be reused by the creative minds.

There is a scrap house in San Francisco that is made up of total waste material. The house was made by a team of architects, engineers and contractors and shown off to celebrate World Environment Day in 2005.

Elberton, Geogia has a recycled house made up of repaired doors. Flooring, walls, and windows everything is made up of doors. London has its newspaper house, made up of rolled newspaper.

Similarly, people use tires, bottles and scrap wood. Also, boats, airplanes and submarines have been used in some places which are of no use now but have been converted into green housing.

When it comes of recycled houses a little imagination can go a long way.

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